Ok, so I made an astonishing discovery today that WILL CHANGE THE WORLD FOREVER.

So yesterday night I was a little bored and tired, so I did what I usually do, ogle the covers of my favorite NES cartridges

Don't Judge Me...

I came across an NES game I just recently bought and yet am no stranger to: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2: The Arcade Game. I’m sure everyone played this game when they were a kid. A decent port of it has been on Xbox Live for a while now, but if you were like me growing up the NES port was the next best thing.

Anyway, I always loved the TMNT video game covers. So epic and gnarly. I was studying this one when I came across something.

Nothing strange here. Ninja Turtles doing ninja turtlely stuff. Colorful and eye catching.

Nothing crazy, right? Nothing out of place?


Look at Michelangelo’s skateboard.


Yeah. That’s right. Coincidence? I think not!

This game was released in North America in 1990.

Watchmen ran from 1986-1987.

It’s all there. Michelangelo rocks a Watchmen skateboard.

God Help Us All.

Mind blown? Good. I’m going to sleep.



One thought on “POINTLESS DISCOVERY #178

  1. Wow! I wonder if the creator worked with Alan Moore or something. Keeping my eye out for Oswald For Mayor buttons on Splinters fur…

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