Over My Dead Fanny…

Well, ladies and gentlemen, Chris did comics and as a result Impact Hero Issue 2 is here!


I had a lot of fun seeing this all come together. It looks a lot crisper then the previous issue. I think it’s an overall improvement.

I have a few personal comics I want to get to, but I’ll be writing issue 3 soon and start working on it when time allows.

I’m going to try to pitch these issues to an actual publisher. I mean, I know I’m not the best artist and writer out there, but I think the fact that I (one person) wrote, drew, inked, and lettered two 27 page comics is something that should at least be recognized. I think it’s marketable. Let’s see what happens.

But in the meantime, support independent artists. Support independent comics. Support me. Buy this comic. Tell me what you think.



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