Batman And Robin Redesigned

So anyone who knows me knows I’m a big Batman fan. I mean in this day and age who isn’t? I love to redesign my favorite characters. So I chose the dynamic duo. I’m not thrilled with how it turned out. But it’s okay I guess.

I tried giving Batman a more realistic color scheme. Bats aren’t blue and gray afterall. So I went with Brown and Black. I also made his ears more slanted like an actual Bat and seen in the early Bill Finger designs. And his cape is smaller and more wing-like.I also made Batman really brutish looking. He’s got to be physically intimidating costume or not. He’s a beast of a man. Simple as that.

Robin is supposed to be around 12 or 13. I gave him a hood with a beak and a darker color scheme. He also looks kind of genderless. Could be a young girl or boy. Criminals wouldn’t know for sure.

Batman would be the main brains and detective, but Robin would be more of the talker. Batman would be calm, frightening, and hanging in the background and Robin would be more vocal and investigative. Figured Batman would be more socially awkward since his parents were murdered.

I have a whole nerdy story thought out on how I would personally revamp Batman and Robin, but I’m too lazy to type it all out here.




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