Before we get started I just wanted to say that according to chrisdoescomics.com stats a majority of my visitors are from Korea and the 2 most searched terms on this site is “fuck yeah chris evans” and “bruce wayne eating lobster”.  


So I wanted to do a t-shirt design for a Dark Knight Rises T-Shirt contest. Did it on the 17th. Found out they stopped taking entries on the 11th. Oh well. I still had fun doing it. I realized the movie comes out in about 3 months and this is the first time I drew Bane. I remember drawing the Joker nonstop for 2 years when they announced TDK.

The hype for this movie seems like it’s laying low for now. I think it’ll be HUGE. I mean, why wouldn’t it be? But it definitely doesn’t have the magic TDK had. Here’s to Batman! And here’s to an awesome summer of movies…

On The Design: I don’t think it would’ve even come close to winning. I was going to make it really sharp in Photoshop, but this is just a raw scan that I drew by hand. Now that the contest is no longer taking submissions I see no point to playing with it. To me it’s too odd to be on a bunch of t-shirts. It seems like cool fan art…which it is. But I guess it’s staying that way.



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