I Drawed Again…

So after cleaning up all the excess semen that suddenly burst out of me during the midnight Avengers screening, I realized I had a few sketches I can throw up here.

I’m a huge Mario fanboy. My friend Nick and I will often have literally 2-3 hours discussions on nothing but the Mario Brothers. Their impact on gaming, nostalgic memories, the merchandise we had when we were kids, and how they’re always going to be the timeless pinnacle of platforming.

A while back we discussed an extremely grounded Mario universe. I guess this sketch is an extension of that.


Speaking of the realistic approach, the next sketch I did with that same style in mind. Just had some fun with everyone’s favorite cartoon mouse. No, not Mighty Mouse. Mickey. Duh.

So, yeah, nothing extravagant. Just 2 sketches I thought were pretty interesting and figured I’d share.

It’s been a tough couple of weeks. Family problems. Money problems. Car problems. Career hiccups. But I’m never going to give up. My buddy Ted gave me a ton of really funny and unique strips to start for his comic (I’ll post it when it happens. We want at least 10 strips done before we launch a website) I really want to jump in and start a personal project too. Then update my portfolio.

“Endure, Master Bruce.”

And I will.





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