Digital Fun With My Fictional Friends!

Worked on my new comic today. Finalized the story and sketched out 2/4 of it. It’s going to be a lot of fun and not as tough as I thought.

It’s late and I just had some fun in photoshop.

This one is kinda weird because the original yellow power ranger is the only power ranger to die in real life out of the original cast. So, yeah, the yellow power ranger dies and the originals team up to found out who did it. Was it Rita?! Lord Zedd?! That weird random pig bad guy from the movie that wasn’t even from the show?! My bet’s on Zordon. WHAT A TWEEST.

And again, The Batman is on my mind. But then again, when isn’t he? That new TDKR trailer really got me excited. So here’s just a random idea I did.

So, yeah, artistically speaking I’ve been going nonstop this week. Now if only something comes of it. It will though. In time.



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