Quick Little Update Action!

Hey there–

1. Been working on my new little comic which is proving that it’s not going to be so little. Dare I call it a graphic novel?! Anyway, 70% of sketched out. Moving slowly but surely. I’d like for it to be done by late August to mid September. I’m aiming for that!

2. One of my brosifs and I have been kicking around the idea of a simple creepy scrolling comic that would simply make the reader uncomfortable. Made some decent progress this week. Looking to meet up one more time to start. I feel this will be most fun.

3. My other brosif wrote a pilot of sorts for a  proposed web series that is funny, slick, and most importantly DOABLE. I really want to jump on that. Haven’t filmed a short in months. Stay tuned.

4. The Zen Arcade tumblr (friends’s comic strip) is up. But, alas, it is empty. I have to really jump start on that. My heart isn’t really in it right now, that’s why I’ve been slacking. But it has great promise, that’s why I’ll stick with it.

Other then that, went for 2 jobs interviews that would’ve led me to a bigger black hole then where I am now. So I shut them down. 100% commission doesn’t work when you’re someone who hates dealing with the general public. Counting down the days till The Amazing Spider-man and Dark Knight Rises. I’m excited for movies this summer! But other than that just taking everything a day at a time. Here’s to a June filled with progress!

EDIT: Check out this TDKR Posters I did while bored today. Haven’t made a fan poster in years! Only Batman can make me do that.




One thought on “Quick Little Update Action!

  1. Glad to see you are working hard. I am also glad you didn’t take a “sales” job. Sales is horrible. Impossible to survive in that arena. Nobody wants to buy shit when a box of cheerios cost five dollar.

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