I Have Your Back


Let’s celebrate with cyber pastry!

It’s been a year since I launched this site and though this site is scoffed at by many, I am very proud of it. I’ve done the 2nd Impact Hero Issue, wrote a bunch of ridiculous articles, got 8 stripes down of Zen Arcade, started a new comic, and created a bunch of random little artwork throughout.

I quit a long term job that was stressing me out. Got an amazing girlfriend who’s always there for me.


Just like the summer films of 2008, Batman once again made the summer films of 2012 even better.

The Dark Knight Rises was all that and a bag of batarangs.

Chris Nolan made the best superhero trilogy of all time. And, to be honest, one of the best trilogies of all time period. It up there with Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Back to the Future, and Lord of the Rings.

So, obviously, I’ve been Bane obsessed as of late and did these:




I’d like to create a decent Bane mask and cosplay as “Bane with AIDS” at my local comic con.

In other news I’ve been making progress on my buddies Zen Arcade strip. 8 stripes down so far. I’ll post a link soon. And my comic is still coming along.I also wrote Impact Hero 3 last week. Should be ridiculous.

Another year from now I’d like to have the 3rd Impact Hero done as well as the comic I’m currently drawing. I’m also hoping Ted and I will have 15 or so Zen Arcade strips. That way with all that going I can get a booth at a con finally. I never wanted to pay 300 and sit there with 1 comic. I wanted to showoff. I wanted to say, hey, I have 3 issues of an ongoing series, a one shot comic, and a web comic. And I do sketches. That way I could fill that booth up. My next realistic goal? LIBRARY CONS. A cheap simple way to get out there publicly and at least try to get a fanbase. Most people who go to these cons are less judgmental anyway.


I’m 90% sure I landed a job that will give me my creative freedom and it’s only 4 minutes away. Thinking about investing in a bike. Is it career oriented? No. But I need something flexible. I can’t be stuck in a warehouse 40+ hours a week at such awkward times. It strangles my creative and social life.

So, yeah, low on cash, out of a job,and not going to see my girlfriend for 2 weeks.

How’s your summer?

Kidding. But not really. But kidding. I see the dawn though already. Everything’s gonna be alright. I can feel it.



One thought on “I Have Your Back

  1. YOU QUIT YOUR JOB WITHOUT TELLING ME!!!!! I thought you were gonna wait until you had another one lined up!! Ohhhhhh you are so lucky I’m in Florida! 😉 totally kidding kinda.. I love you and I’m proud of your progress baby! I’ll be back in a week and 4 days! 🙂

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