I’ve Sold Out!

Click Here To Buy Now!

Presenting the official one-of-a-kind ChrisdoesComics.com T-Shirt!

Alas! Show everyone your love for this miraculous website by buying one and being the bee’s knees! You can where it and look snazzy at:

-Weddings -School -Birthday Parties -High School Prom -Funerals -Mattress Stores -Thanksgiving -The Gym -Sporting Events -A Van -Dollar Stores -Church -Home -The trunk of my car.

It’s slices! It dices! It makes coleslaw! It makes fun of your mother in law when shes not around!

Women will want you if you where this shirt. It’s science. If you’re a woman, then you’ll look amazing in it. And smell good too. Like peaches. But not real peaches. Like magic marker peaches.

If the dude who did that Daft Punk video with his hands can have a t-shirt and that chick with the laughing pug cold have a t-shirt…than I can certainly have a t-shirt.

Wish it could be cheaper, but I really have no control. I want it to be great quality. Something you can wear for a long long time.

Buy please. Support my website. And support independent art (sounds good)


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