Enlist Today!

UPDATE: This piece has hit the roof on deviantart. Over 2000 favorites in 14 hours. And due to popular demand…there are now prints for sale! Just click the link do the deviantart page and printing options will be on your right. http://docwhiskey.deviantart.com/#/d5n4cza

Having some 3rd shift insomnia fun in photoshop!

Uncle J Wants You!

Even though it’s essentially a photoshop manipulation…it wasn’t something I whipped up in 15 minutes. I trekked and found an original HD scan of the actual famed Uncle Sam poster. Then I did a lot of color range/hue changes…gathered my pictures of Heath’s Joker to find that perfect angle…fooled a ton with color balances and art filters to change that photo to the drawn look of the original poster…did the text…and did a ton of weathering and masking to give it an old twisted look. Yes…it only took me a little over an hour or so…but whatever. Wouldn’t mind this in my room actually. Is that conceited to have your own work hanging in your room?

Also Dark Knight Rises comes out on DVD today. Buy that shit.

UPDATE: I just want to say that I uploaded this image to my deviantArt and it’s completely blowing up. I already have over 250 views in less than an hour. 40-50 favorites in less then an hour. That’s never happened with ANY work I put on there. Cool 🙂


Best In The World


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