“I Will Punch Your Face Into A Jelly.”

I’m me so of course I’m in a Batman mood. I’ve been in a Batman mode for the past 24 years. This was a sketch I did one lonesome night a couple months back. I love “reinventing” superheroes in my fandom boredom.


With Batman, I based Bruce Wayne’s looks off actor Peter Cushing. I wanted him to be this older, gray, lanky, sophisticated…weirdo. And after witnessing his parents death, he’s locked himself up in his mansion. Since he is up all night and sleeps all day his eyes are not adjusted to sunlight (get it? like a bat omg). The Gotham newspapers report all this silly BS on him and Gotham City’s citizens find him to be an eccentric oddball. A Michael Jackson effect of sorts.

He’s left Wayne Enterprises in better hands and just dwells on his tragedy. He disappears for years. Comes back and creates this “Batman” persona. Robin’s origin is the same. Robin is a sniper of sorts. He covers Batman from afar. Robin is the mouth. Batman is this socially awkward nutball but is able to pick up on things no one else can. He’s swift, a genius, relies on gadgets, he doesn’t have “one rule”, what kinda happens happens. Like Kane and Finger’s original Batman. A guy dies? Oops.

Anyway, yeah, I also have an idea like this for Superman which is much more alien. I’ve been meaning to sketch it up for years.

Also….a bit of venting here, but I have a lot of “art” friends on facebook. Friends I went to school with etc. I don’t understand why you have to constantly update your silly facebook saying that you’re doing art or how it is to be an artist or everything is art centered art problems hash tag bullshit.


Stop trying to act like a fucking artist and just be one god damn it.

I don’t want to see a shitty instagram of your “warm up sketches” fishing for compliments.

I don’t do warm up sketches. What the fuck is that anyway? You know what I NEVER see from those people? Finished artwork. What did those warm up sketches lead to exactly?

Oh right. Weed and Netflix.

There’s so many people that post all this “being an artist” bullshit and yet I never see work from them. Then when I FINALLY do I’m like….”oh”.  By the way you were talking, I thought you would be, you know, better….much better.

I mean, that’s good, keep doing your thing…but damn there’s a lot wrong with drawing.

But who comments? People who can’t draw. So they get nothing but positive feedback.

Oh, that attention. Feels good, don’t  it?

I’m not saying I’m this great accomplished artist. I’m not saying I’m a great artist.

Shit, I’m not saying I’m an artist.

I’m just saying you talk the talk you walk the walk.

And that goes for everybody.


Best In The World


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