Forgotten Works Unforgotten!

Not going to lie here…I was going to try and draw something really awesome tonight…but hadn’t a clue what to draw. I went through some old artwork for inspiration and found a bunch of older stuff I’d just like to share.

Don’t you fret, I’ll make sure to post some new stuff as my brain tells me and I shit it out but with my hands (that means when I draws it)

I also have to get back to doing my comic. It’s been a year since I had a new comic. My oh my. Slipping here.

Anyway first up is this…


Not sure when I did this exactly. A year ago? 2 years ago? Anyway it’s just something I did for some funzies. It depicts the King ‘O Pop Michael Jackson as the “Smooth Criminal” from, what is in my opinion, the best music video of all time. “Thriller” made music videos relevant. “Smooth Criminal” perfected them.

Anybody who knows me knows I love me my MJ. And not in that “jumped-on-the-bandwagon-MJ-is-awesome-I-love-the chiller video-and I’m 15”  kind of way.

I remember I was in a mall with my girlfriend a few months back and we stumbled upon a dollar store owned by some old Jamaican woman. Strung across her back wall were a bunch of cheap crappy looking Barack Obama and Michael Jackson shirts. My favorite MJ shirt she had was a picture of him doing “Billie Jean” and for some reason another picture of himself was faded in his chest and he was surrounded by angels with the faces of Tupac and Whitney Houston. Then a banner was below it and read “Rest in Peace Sweet Prince King of Pop of All Times”.

It was so terrible that I wanted one just to prove it existed. They were only $6. Unfortunately they were only available in XL and XXL because all the skinny people hit those shirts up before I could get to them.

My favorite part of this story had to be when we walked out of the store. I was disappointed and my girlfriend said to me, “Sorry they didn’t have it baby. I know how much you love Michael.”

“I do.”

“Do you love him more than me?”

I say nothing.

“You do love Michael Jackson more then me, don’t you?”

I say nothing.

We’ll be together soon, MJ. I promise xoxoxox 😉



I don’t think this needs any explanation to be honest…


And lastly something I REALLY forgot about…

JokerBanner copy

Look familiar?

Yeah, looks like the poster I did a couple weeks back.

I did this when the Dark Knight virals were hitting their peak. So I’d say around early 2008.  I was in school at the time and I was planning on creating my own Joker themed viral throughout my school. The Joker face in this picture is myself as The Joker.

I was going to post dozens of these posters around the school and in classrooms. Students interested would follow this to a Facebook group secretly administered by me (named “Joesph Kerr”) and would request to be apart of the group. After me confirming them I’d post cryptic messages and amateur videos of “The Joker” talking about a bigger plan and how to join his team.

It would’ve essentially been an internet scavenger hunt, but I’d place little clues (such as actual paper messages and signs) throughout the school. The school would be the HUB. Eventually I wanted to take it far enough to the point where the members themselves would basically be promoting TDK within the school (writing on classroom chalkboards, making videos themselves as “clowns” ) and I would’ve eventually gathered everyone together in a classroom at a specific date and time. “The Joker” would’ve made a brief appereance, handed out cheap clown masks to the “graduates” and waited for my next insturction…which was….

I don’t know….

Kill Batman?

Burn down the school?

I really don’t know. Problem was I was so loaded with finals and homework that by the time I was ready to do all this TDK release was mere weeks away. And now that film and the Joker himself is such a renowned cultural phenomenon the whole thing is rendered moot. Been there done that. Everybody and their mother was The Joker.

I’d still like to do something similar to this someday. Something smaller. More personal. Mainly because I’m just interested in how people would react. My school was a perfect environment for that because it was full of young creative people that love showing their nerdy side.

But, who knows, maybe Dr. Terrible will need some henchmen one day soon….


After Bail of course…


Best In The World



One thought on “Forgotten Works Unforgotten!

  1. You know it shouldn’t surprise me that you love Michael Jackson more than me..he’s been in your life longer than I have.. But for some reason it does and it hurts a little :-/

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