Vote For My Star Wars Shirt Design!

Hey there!

Voting is open at’s Star Wars Dark Side Design Contest.

Voting is open 3/26-4/16. Please do me a favor and vote for me. You don’t even have to give me a 5 out of 5. Just vote please.

Here’s a long link to my submission “Sarlacc Snack”:

Thank you for your support. Don’t want to vote? Then go fuck yourself.

In other news I found out I didn’t place in DeviantArt’s Tomb Raider contest. Which is fine. I figured I wouldn’t. But their top 25 finalists were quite underwhelming. I seen some fantastic entries that I thought would place for sure…but didn’t. Every entry was a rectangle digital painting of Lara Croft in a generic action pose. Very talented artists. But very limited vision. 3 of the finalists were omitted (caught by fans no less) for simply copy and pasting which makes me think how well the judges actually judged this competition.

Also I have a new comic strip I’m going to be posting up here in the coming weeks. Every “strip” will be 4-5 pages. I’m excited for that. I’m also going to try and put some pieces I’ve been doing for work up here…the ones that didn’t go anywhere anyway.





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