I’m on CreepyPasta!

Hey Y’all!


Little ego stroking here…my short creepy story “Don’t See It” (https://chrisdoescomics.com/2012/10/12/dont-see-it/) is now an official CreepyPasta!

Read it on CreepyPasta.com here: http://www.creepypasta.com/dont-see-it/#comments

It was posted there about a week ago and I literally forgot until about 2 minutes ago.

I was eager to see the rating because I am not a writer by any means and many CreepyPasta stories are just top notch disturbing horror in many aspects. So far it’s got an 8 out of 10. That makes me super duper happy.

I also read through the comments and figured it’d be bashed. But there’s really nothing too harsh. Some say it’s “boring” and the ending doesn’t pay off. And that’s fine…because to some people it will be. I was expecting that. But some people just said the most amazing things about it. These stood out for me:

“Everyone keeps talking about “so much buildup and boring detail for nothing.” I don’t think people are getting that the man and creature are similar in that way, hence the ending sentence. The “buildup” is there for a reason.”

“I think the point is the creature was a manifestation of the author himself. A sort of twisted and exaggerated mirror of the protagonist’s feelings of difference and isolation. This thing goes through life, being simultaneously feared and pitied by its observer(s).

The protagonist’s observers being his middle aged, female clients and coworkers, and the thing’s observer being the protagonist himself.

It’s actually a decent “Man in the Mirror” type story I like it 9/10.

Holy shit. That last dude is deep as hell. Anyway…friends…family…please give it a read…rate it…leave a comment on the site if you please. Tell me what you think!

It’s a real honor to be on there to begin with. Happy day 🙂



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