I Know…I’m Getting Lazy

Shut up for five god damn seconds….I know I haven’t posted anything too great yet. I’ve been doing these weird graphic designs instead…

I mainly do them as exercises when work is slow.

I seen Man of Steel. It was great. I rank it with Batman Begins as far as superhero origin movies go. I can’t wait to see the next one. Finally a good Superman movie.

So I did this…


I know some of you might be like,”Oh cool, you slapped some filters on a picture in photoshop…”

No asshole. This shit takes time. Cleaning out that background by hand so I can have a crisp Superman figure takes patience. Making various layers with different balances and then erasing and overlaying to composite one solid Superman is harder than it sounds. Brushing in the suit details by hand because filters suck is tough. Slapping on the shield and strokes, yeah, that’s easy though.

I haven’t inked the next few pages of my comic. I have to do that. Because I have finished pages for weeks now just sitting here. Chris has to actually do comics now. Stupid website title.




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