The Yes Movement

Comin’ to y’all with some prowrestling artwork. You figured there’d be more since I’m such a huge fan and always draw ripped dudes in tights, right?

Anyway I based this picture off of CM Punk’s “Second City Saint” design that debuted at Wrestlemania 29. Of course now it’s a spin with Daniel Bryan.

Ah, yes, Daniel Bryan. Now exclusively the only good thing in wrestling since CM Punk walked away.


I’ve been a prowrestling fan well over 16 years. It lost some of my attention and became background noise from 2006-2009 or so but I still was a fan. But with the recent mind boggling booking, lackluster writing, and downright disregard for what their “universe” wants…I’m losing interest again. But this time I don’t want to. I’m giving WWE to Wrestlemania 30 to make me give a damn. You can sign Hogan and Sting. You could launch a streaming video network. You can shove Batista down our throats. That’s nice and all. But we all just want one thing: Give Bryan the title.





One thought on “The Yes Movement

  1. So awesome!

    I haven’t seen a wrestler take total control of the audience since Hogan. Bryan, in my opinion, surpasses the audience control.

    Making me a yes man indeed

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