I’m Not Dead! (But Alec Holland Is)

Greetings one and all! I have not deserted this website. I have merely been whisked away in the gentle winds of life (I’M WORKING A LOT).

I read the first 2 trades of the New 52! Swamp Thing today and have to say that I wasn’t very impressed. How can I be after reading Alan Moore’s Swamp Thing run? YOU CAN’T BEAT THAT. Anyway I took a marker to a sheet of paper and sketched ‘ol Swampy. Then I scanned him in and did my usual overproduced trash look. In the past 2 years or so Swamp Thing has become one of my favorite characters. So here’s to Alec Holland!


In other news: Universal Studios was great. Though I gotta say they under produce with the Universal Monsters. I could’ve used 200% more of them in my visit. And I realized that the current generation of kids think Terminator 2 is lame. OUCH MY SOUL.

Also mid April I am booked in another video game art show. I shall provide details so no one will care!





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