Sketch Dump: Fat Stumpy Quesada Inspired Daredevil

You know who I never draw despite him being my favorite superhero? Why the ‘ol man without fear himself: Daredevil! Joe Quesada wrote an awesome arc titled “Father”. He also drew which was great…although his Daredevil always looked a bit blocky and stubby. More like Frankenstein than a master boxer and gymnast. But I still enjoy that style…so I drew Daredevil proportionally like him.

I didn’t say it was good. But hey, I like Daredevil.


Look at that huge head, fat shoulders, stubby legs! He’s horrifying! I hate it…but I always post what I got.



Sketch Dump: Spooky Skulls & Mermaid Medallions

Hey hey hey. Longtime no post. Just something quick today. Some unused concepts and creepy skull studies. Just good ‘ol pencil and paper. Threw them all in one picture in a not so great composition but who cares. I also drew something for Halloween and meant to post it but never got around to it. Perhaps this weekend!


Until then…