Enter The Dragon…


Bruce Lee has always been a bit of an inspiration to me. I watched “The Crow” when I was a child (really not a movie to watch when you’re a kid btw) and really loved Brandon Lee’s performance. I was always told Brandon was the “son of Bruce Lee”. Thing is I was 9 or so and really didn’t know who Bruce Lee was. I found out in the coming months he was Kato on “The Green Hornet”. A television show I’d watch religiously after “Batman” late at night on TV Land.

I was in high school when I bought a collection of Bruce Lee’s movies like “Big Boss”, “Way Of The Dragon”, “Game of Death” or my personal favorite “Fist of Fury”. The guy was just awesome. His moves, his attitude. He wasn’t particularly big or menacing but for some reason he scared the shit out of you. Probably because he can kill you 9 times with his pinky. Of course, in real life I read he was one of the nicest guys to walk this earth.

Anyway, I did this poster in respect of Bruce Lee. Tried to make it look classic and vintage. I’m trying to find a dollar store owned by a Chinese person (most random statement ever) because they always sell those awesome fabric posters of Bruce Lee. I have the perfect place for one. In conclusions, Bruce Lee is the man and I need to find a Chinese dollar store.

The key to immortality is first living a life worth remembering.
-Bruce Lee




Logan Knows Best…

Sketched up a decent picture of Wolverine while waiting for the girlfriend’s class to end. I thought it was okay and would look better colored. So that’s what I did today.

I used to think Wolverine was an overrated character thanks to Huge Jackedman and the X-men movies. But if you really read up on the guy you realize he’s popular for a reason. And that reason is he’s a badass. Plain and simple. He has really good story arcs and character development. He just this short little hairy dude who really can’t die and gets really furious easily. Sucks to be him.