Mysterious Island Shamans!


Funny how my last post was titled “I know I’m getting lazy” and then never posted in over a month. Gotta live up to those post titles I guess. But to be honest I have not been lazy. In fact, I’ve been quite the opposite: NONLAZY.

I’ve gotten a lot of personal things done over the past month or so. As well as a lot of art. My proposed comic is coming along slowly but surely. Just inked 7 pages last week. I’m also going to create a board game for fun. I have everything written down and planned out. I can get some supplies and probably make the whole thing for under 10 bucks. Also…work has been quite fun. And I seen “The Wolverine” last night which was just great.

I had the privilege of throwing myself at a game that I know I’ll get sick of quickly. But I figured I needed the practice artwise. To summarize it’s a mysterious island/jungle type game. And of course as an attract game…you need an attractive woman as a top glass eye catcher. I first did one in my style with my type of women I usually. I went for a classic 50’s B movie feel with Betty Paige as a reference. That didn’t go over too well. And instead I went for a more realistic shaman approach. And that’s what we’ve decided on. So I give you my first proposal followed by what we’re getting. Now, the game itself is more of a proposal but there’s a 95% chance it’ll be made. And a 100% chance I’m doing all the art for this if it does get made. One things for certain in this exercise: I’ve gotten much better at drawing women.

The original look of our mysterious island seductress. And proof that I can’t really draw hands.
And what I ended up with after, like, 12 meetings. Bossman wanted very little value and shading in the proposed piece. He wanted it very “concepty” ,”sketchy”, “shamany” and “Less white girl”. These are the words we use.





So I drew an astronaut…through it into photoshop…and came up with this…deadastronauts copy

In other news, the first 4 pages of my comic are completely done…I want to put them up here…but not quite yet. I’m writing it in a strip formula…therefore I don’t want to post 4 pages…end it with a cliffhanger….then you have to wait like a month for it to continue. So I’m going to be a couple stripes ahead and post them every other week. Sounds good.



Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow

It’s been quite some time since I’ve added some artwork here.

I’ve decided that I’m going back to Disney World this October. That being said, I can’t get my mind off it. Disney world has always been the ultimate escape for me. A truly magical place that is like no other.

EPCOT, one of the 4 parks WDW offers, has grown on me immensely in my adult years. It’s a park full of culture, technology, and education. Because of that…it’s a park many children refer to as “boring”. But when you grow to appreciate it…it becomes a place that gives you just as much excitement as any other park.

I made this poster in the style of a retro 80’s type…uh…poster. The park opened in 1982…and I would always joke that EPCOT was “The future…if it were 1982.”

Took my awhile to get those creases/scratches looking decent. I’ve been in a space mood as of late. My new comic strip should be up late this week! Excelsior!