Logan Knows Best…

Sketched up a decent picture of Wolverine while waiting for the girlfriend’s class to end. I thought it was okay and would look better colored. So that’s what I did today.

I used to think Wolverine was an overrated character thanks to Huge Jackedman and the X-men movies. But if you really read up on the guy you realize he’s popular for a reason. And that reason is he’s a badass. Plain and simple. He has really good story arcs and character development. He just this short little hairy dude who really can’t die and gets really furious easily. Sucks to be him.





New Artwork Galore! Well Actually 3….3 New Artwork.

Been keeping myself busy lately with artwork. Which is good. Because if you don’t use it you lose it.

A new Roller Gal for a client. Oh, look at me sounding all professional!

A possible comic idea that might come to fruition soon. I wanted it to have an old school TMNT vibe.


Good stuff coming ahead of all goes to plan. Also I need a new job.


New Video: Paradox!

So I made a new video on my day off. It’s not that great but I enjoyed making it and feel it turned out okay. I kinda just made it up as I went along. That’s probably why it’s not too good.

When I make videos and post them here or on facebook a lot of people always say to me, “So, Chris, what was up with that video?”

I never understand that. They usually say it with such befuddlement. Like these videos are real and someone just documents it.

I’m a creative person. When I’m bored I makes videos, draw, and/or write. I don’t sit on my ass and play Call of Duty all day. What you’re watching is my mindshit. I make them to make others simply laugh.

Usually that question is followed by the statement, “You’re weird.”

My response? Great. Also I’m better than you.