Getting in the Halloween mood and drew Frankenstein’s monster this morning. Dr. Frankenstein creates life and ponders if that makes him a god. His monster would therefore be the son of god. So, yeah, Jesus+Frankenstein=This. I also consider Frankenstein’s monster the god of all monsters. SO MUCH SYMBOLISM.

Not really though. Just think it’s fun.


I also submitted this flat print to where it will be voted on and possibly printed.

Figured it would look good printed on a nice kelly green shirt.

If it gets accepted please help me out and vote. You don’t have to register or anything. I’ll update with a link soon. With the Halloween season upon us I hope this makes way.



Heartbreak Hotel

I entered a contest to simply celebrate the legacy of Elvis Presley. Rules are simple: Create an illustration based on one of his songs and use his name and NOT his likeness.

Anyway, I chose “Heartbreak Hotel” because that was a song that really got me into Elvis. Mostly because The Rock would sing a version titled “Smackdown Hotel”.  I went simple. Mostly everyone knows this song. So why not just included a hotel and a broken heart?

Took me a couple hours in Photoshop and I’m finally finding my style. Will it win? Doubt it. But I don’t care. I made something I’m proud of.


And, by the way, here’s that Rock clip I mentioned:



Donkey Kong!

Just something simple I did at work during some down time. Hand drawn and scanned into Photoshop. DKFinal

This game hit arcades in 1981 and is still one of the best. Did you know in Donkey Kong Country for SNES the character “Cranky Kong” is actually the original Donkey Kong and you play as Donkey Kong Jr. grown up?