Living (?) Sketch: Gross Ghost



A Symbol Of Greatness


Living Sketch: The Red Astronaut

Hey there! I’ve been busy lately. I have an art show next weekend that I’m excited about. Found some time this morning to draw a dying red astronaut. I think a red astronaut is becoming the unofficial mascot for this site. But I changed things up with some simple animation.


It’s not great but it’s a start for an idea I have. I can only improve from here.

I’ll be posting my work from the art show next week. I have some pieces I’m pretty proud of and eager to share!

A Symbol Of Greatness

Animating Kylo Ren

“We’re not done yet…”

Hey, Kylo, you’re right!

With some free time and Gif making skillz I decided to install the new After Effects and create a little something. I’ve been meaning to do something with Star Wars Episode 7 but haven’t had the time.

So I just wanted to simply create a loopable gif involving Kylo Ren. And I did. In fact, here it is:


Now, you’re probably thinking, “Big whoop. Pretty simple. Pretty boring.” And that’s fine. But let me tell yuh somethin’, Mene Gene. Animating a “simple” gif as this takes a while. From the hood blowing, to the snow falling, the jittering of the lightsaber, to the pulsing red glow on Kylo himself. Barely 5 seconds. Takes a couple hours. And it doesn’t even loop that well.

I love creating little things such as this. I look forward to doing simple little animations like this with some of my illustrations in the future.

I’m looking to get back into some digital painting. Basil Gogos has inspired me once more and there’s a Bride of Frankenstein that I’m dying to paint. Hopefully I can start next weekend.