Don’t Paint After Midnight…


I suppose I didn’t listen to that because it’s a new year! To start it off right I downloaded some new oil paint brushes and want to improve on digital painting in 2017. I started simple with everyone’s favorite Mogwai. This was about 4 hours work done on a tablet in photoshop. Here’s to improvement in the months to come!

Stamp of Greatness

New Video: Paradox!

So I made a new video on my day off. It’s not that great but I enjoyed making it and feel it turned out okay. I kinda just made it up as I went along. That’s probably why it’s not too good.

When I make videos and post them here or on facebook a lot of people always say to me, “So, Chris, what was up with that video?”

I never understand that. They usually say it with such befuddlement. Like these videos are real and someone just documents it.

I’m a creative person. When I’m bored I makes videos, draw, and/or write. I don’t sit on my ass and play Call of Duty all day. What you’re watching is my mindshit. I make them to make others simply laugh.

Usually that question is followed by the statement, “You’re weird.”

My response? Great. Also I’m better than you.