Sketch Dump: Dracula


Wanted to do another cross hatching style drawing. When looking for nice crisp pictures of Lugosi as Dracula for reference there isn’t too much of a variety. The same ones are always done. So I found some rarer images and frankenstein’d (HA) together a “new” image to use as reference. And this was the result.


A Symbol Of Greatness

Living Sketch: The Red Astronaut

Hey there! I’ve been busy lately. I have an art show next weekend that I’m excited about. Found some time this morning to draw a dying red astronaut. I think a red astronaut is becoming the unofficial mascot for this site. But I changed things up with some simple animation.


It’s not great but it’s a start for an idea I have. I can only improve from here.

I’ll be posting my work from the art show next week. I have some pieces I’m pretty proud of and eager to share!

A Symbol Of Greatness