2015: The Year of The Undying Mummy!

Happy New Year, everyone. Hope 2014 was good to yuh because 2015 is here. I can’t complain personally. Got a job, a roof over my head, and friends who are good people.

Speaking of good people, how about them mummies, huh? I really have been wanting to do some fake horror comic covers lately. So I kicked one off with THE UNDYING MUMMY!


The problem I have with things such as these is patience. Once I’m done drawing and inking I get to giddy and rush the coloring. I gotta work on that. A new year’s resolution perhaps.

Speaking of mummies I’m going to be heading to Universal Studios next week. I’m eager to see if how much the Universal Monsters have a presence throughout the park. Lord knows how much of my spending money will be left if they have any Monster merch.

Have a safe and happy 2015. Here’s to posting some good art throughout!




Sketch Dump: Abraham Van Helsing

I had this idea a couple years back reintroducing myself to some Hammer Horror films and Peter Cushing as Abraham Van Helsing. He’s a character that not really explored as much as you’d think for someone who makes as many appearances in monster movies as the monsters themselves. I thought it be cool to have an animated series about the adventures of Abraham Van Helsing. It would be like Indiana Jones meets classic horror. It could take place at various stages of is life…basically how he became introduced to all these monsters and how this led him to be such a legendary expert on monster slaying. Anyway…just wanted to update the site with a little something. Sketched Van Helsing in ten minutes or so.get-attachment



King Of Monsters

*Blows dust off website*


Puttin’ the God in Godzilla! Penciled and inked on good ol’ fashion paper. Colored (with me new tablet) in Photoshop. And yes I am aware this is the second drawing I did of a monster as Jesus.