Game Art Galore!

Greetings fellow hoo-mins.

Super busy week has come to a close as tomorrow restarts regular busy week. WWE Raw on Monday is always fun to see live even though the current storylines are terrible. I’m glad they brought out the Wyatt Family after the cameras went off.

Vegas was beautiful trash as usual. The gaming convention was cool. Though kinda forgettable this year.

Artcade in Rockford was very cool. Met some really nice and talented artists. The gallery was set up perfectly. Sold 3 out of my 5 arts. I can’t complain…I wasn’t planning on selling any. They are posted below:

lastofuscover copy
“The Last of Nes.” Sold. I didn’t like how this one printed so I didn’t want to put it in. But my friend gave the wise advice of “Just do it.” I believe I was told this was the first piece to sell at the show.
hungerflat copy copy
“The Hunger”. It didn’t sell but was instead traded for some cool art I seen. I figured it wouldn’t. Pac Man isn’t really all that hot as he used to be and this is pretty creepy.
mariotrippin copy copy
“Mushroom Kingdom”. Sold. This seemed to be the most popular. Mario is still the king of gaming afterall. *Note to self: more mario=more profit*
“Mega Hard Times”. The last piece that didn’t sell. I really thought it would. But, hey, there’s always next time.
sonicconflat copy
“Gotta Go Fast.” Sold.

If anyone is interested in the Mega Man piece, let me know. These are framed and matted too by the way. And I’m not asking much for it anyway. But, yeah, next time who knows what I’ll draw…but I’m excited to be getting into galleries. Haven’t done one since high school.

Halloween is getting closer! Wooooooooo.



New Year. New Art.

Greetings. Man, where has the time gone? 2013 was a great year for myself personally. And here we are at the start of 2014! What better to start of a new year with some great goals and great comics?

I was lucky enough to find some (4 volumes) old (1989) Eastman and Laird Ninja Turtle books a few months back for cheap ($6-8). These are known to be very rare and I snatched them up the second I seen them mainly because I always wanted to read them (well no shit). The thing that drew me to these comics (PUN) was the artwork. Simple, crude, and distinct. Not everyone’s cup of tea.

Heavy ink and stylized anatomy galore!

To a lot of people the early TMNT artwork was “bad”. I never thought that. It had a very natural look to it. It wasn’t great looking. That’s what was great about it. When I read the 1st issue years back thats when I thought, “Why couldn’t I do this?” and last month reading all Laird and Eastman’s original run I thought the exact same thing.

Why can’t I just sit down and draw an idea? Screw anatomy. Forget exact perspective. Who cares how the back of a surveillance camera looks. No need to make this your best. Your shining example of work. JUST DRAW. And most importantly: Have fun.

Sometimes you don’t need to sit down and say “THIS HAS TO BE THE ABSOLUTE BEST THING I CAN PRODUCE OR ELSE!” Sometimes you just gotta do it. And that’s what I did. I sat down…and I drew a short ninja comic. BECAUSE WHY NOT.

Here’s my ode to Kevin Eastman and Peter Laird.


Katsumi 1

Katsumi 2 Katsumi 3Katsumi 4 Katsumi 5


2014 shall be the year of the comic…for this website anyway. More comics to come. Why?

Because my name is Chris. And I do comics.