2 Dead 2 Care

I hate when demon vampire succbuses sexually eat lollipops. Don’t you?

Goodbye 2016. Here’s to a positive and prosperous 2017…filled with much improved art (hopefully).


Stamp of Greatness

Sketch Dump: Siren Dames With No Faces

Sometimes in life you’re handed good things. And when you’re handed good things you make good things of the good things you were just handed, see? But sometimes the good things you made since you were handed the good things doesn’t make it good things to everyone. But that’s not a bad thing. Just turn it into a good thing.


These didn’t get the light of day…but, hey, more portfolio pieces for me. Now…back to my cold and quiet crypt.



You Guessed It…

IceLeopard woman2
Yet another mysterious island vixen…this time ICE THEMED. Mixed more of my style with the previous “straight laced” style gal I did

“You get paid to draw hot chicks all day.”

-My Boss to me

My reaction upon realizing that: