Lone Ranger: 3049

The Lone Ranger represents a bygone era of Americana that we may never experience again. Whether or not we need entertainment like that is up to your personal tastes, but regardless I still love to experience pop culture’s past and appreciate it in my own way. No, I do not mean taking “I Love Lucy” and reinventing with robots (I like that actually) but instead taking COWBOYS AND REINVENTING IT WITH ROBOTS DUH.

With concepts I create I always put myself in the situation where I need to re-conceptualize for no other reason than to disrupt what’s familiar. Take away everything that makes Yogi bear iconic. Take away Batman’s money and class. Take away Ghost Rider’s motorcycle and era. Make Sonic The Hedgehog for children and not adult misfits with a furry fetish. I believe I create like this because of my current disappointment in modern pop culture. The endless streams of reboots, retellings, retreads, and requels zapped of creativity, direction, and imagination.

It’s a mindframe of “reimagining” where I just think “Okay, let’s take away what people expect , dumb it down to modern direction, and maybe even disrespect the fanbase.” Is that the right way of going about a project? Of course not. But it’s certainly the current way. So I sort of imagine myself in these corporate cogs of creation where I’m given an intellectual property and give it a dumb ‘ol makeover. And here’s my newest one walkin’ the runway: The Lone Ranger: 3049.

Intrigued by this take, or even liking it, doesn’t make you part of the problem…mind you. I worked hard on this and had a great time regardless. I just know Lone Ranger fans (the 12 that are alive anyway) would roll their eyes at me and call it trash. And I take pride in that. Hi, Ho S1LV3R!