Sketch Dump: King Kong Calamari

Time Spent: About 2 hours

Nothing beats a good monster movie. Which are unfortunately becoming a bit of a rarity these days. But, alas, Kong: Skull Island is about to change all that. It’s true cinematic adventure escapism at its finest.

And nothing beats sitting down and just drawing what comes to mind. No pose reference…no final mental image…no idea where you’re going as you put pen to paper. This is the result of that. I like drawing like this and I need to do it more.

Stamp of Greatness


Drawing Progress

I decided to look into the older things I have drawn and redraw them to see my artistic progress (if any). I found a freehand drawing of Indiana Jones from 2007. Knowing the image I referenced I went back and redrew it to compare. And here’s what happened. indy

Though not especially proud of the new piece (Harrison Ford’s likeness was always a struggle for me) I definitely see a positive improvement in my drawing. Drawn nearly a decade apart, I look forward to my progress 9 years from now. I can only get better from here, right?

And here’s the new piece by itself:


If you don’t use it you lose it. So keep moving forward. Learn from your mistakes, expand your mind, and be open to criticism.

A Symbol Of Greatness


You ever just want to combine Mad Max and Jurassic Park? Maybe? Yes? No? Well so far my two favorite movies this year have been Mad Max: Fury Road and Jurassic World.

So I got an idea combining them and made a mock comic cover for it because that’s what I like to do.