Taste My Sweets…

Time Spent: About 4 hours.

I was thinking about Halloween pails (as I usually do) and this idea sprung to mind. There’s just something about a pumpkin pailed sultry skeleton man offering his head-candy that really gets me in the Halloween mood, y’know?

I don’t really take part in the whole #Drawtober schtick. I never really seen the point of straining your imagination by sharing quick half assed sketches every single day of October when instead I can share something I’m proud of maybe once or twice a week. I mean, whose counting anyway?


Night Bumps No. 55

NB_55So its come to this…

This issue marks the finale of my Night Bumps Sunday Comic Series! In December of 2017 I decided to start a comic strip to share every Sunday for 1 year as my New Year’s Resolution. I posted the first on January 21st, 2018 and 55 strips later here we are!

I hope you got a chuckle from time to time out of Night Bumps. It’s meant to be nothing more than a monument to my terrible jokes and love of Halloweenie thingies. This was a goal that I was eager to achieve and I appreciate anyone who gave Night Bumps even their briefest of times.

Night Bumps will always be linked on the site if you ever want to catch up or revisit. This upcoming Sunday may not have the usual bump in the night but rest assured when it comes to Night Bumps this isn’t goodbye…it’s just see you later.