Frosty: Agent of I.C.E.

I partook in watching Rankin and Bass’s 1969 Frosty The Snowman cartoon a couple weeks back. We all know the one. I haven’t sat down and watched it in decades. It still looks great to this day and it’s remarkably shorter than I remember. I had Frosty on the mind (brain freeze?) the following days and most of this came to me in a dream. 

I literally woke up in the middle of the night recalling a snowman riding a polar bear. I continued and dreamt of Frosty with a snow-gun violently shooting snowballs. “Agent of ICE” echoed through my head. Perhaps this is a gift from God himself. 

If that’s the truth, it’s good to know he has a sense of humor.  

I’ve really been hitting a stride with my concepts this past year. Though bizarre and ridiculous, I feel like they present a neat little package of my art style and creativity. A snowman isn’t necessarily a Christmas thing. Where there’s snow, there’s snowmen. So an idea of an animated series centering around Frosty working for a secret counter terrorist organization was super enticing to me. Something not as, say, serious as G.I. Joe…but with the same firepower and action. For some reason Captain Planet was in the back of my mind when drawing these. 

Frosty still “laughs and plays”….but around Christmas time. What does he do all those other days? I mean, the magic he has…what is he capable of? He’s inherently good….can he protect us? A shower of solitude fit the other pieces of this into the puzzle. 

When Frosty first melted away, his remains were collected and studied by various factions of US Intelligence. Was it truly “magic in that old silk hat” or a mystery within the very molecules that made up the snowman? The conclusion wasn’t made public knowledge, but it was clear that Frosty was capable of more than “laugh and play”. 

Frosty the Snowman was recruited to the secret counter-terrorist organization International Crime Exterminators (I.C.E). Due to Frosty’s uniquely natural sub-zero abilities, he solely  operates within the winter division overseen by senior director Kris Kringle. 
Frosty’s potential has evolved beyond just ice and snow, as the “magic” he inhabits absorbs the abilities of any hat he wears. Making his set of skills near limitless. A mere fairy tale to us, Frosty the snowman is alive as he can be…and as dangerous. Villains beware, if you notice a sudden chill run up your spine, you’re about to face Frosty: Agent of I.C.E.!

I hope 2023 may be kind, healthy, and generous to us all. Personally speaking, I plan on doing more of the same content (but improving) when it comes to this website. Articles, comics, concepts, and (hopefully) a couple podcast episodes! All that cozy comic culture I’ve been sharing for the past going on 12 (!) years.

Merry (belated) Christmas to all!