Sketch Dump: The Shape

Time Spent: About 3 hours

Once again I’m moving forward with ballpoint sketches with a “monster” theme (although with this addition we may just have to call it “horror”) and here’s The Shape aka Michael Myers. This classic slasher needs no introduction. I was going to work on a Dracula piece (debating about doing Lee or Lugosi) but ended up with Myers simply because I wanted to fill in a lot of shadow. With drawing, much like horror, it’s about what you don’t see that can get the point across in an even better way.



Myers Meets Warhol?


So I drew Michael Myers. I liked it. Inked it. Colored it. Outlined it. Didn’t know what else to do. So I did this. This isn’t the entire picture…just the part I’m proud of.

A Symbol Of Greatness