The Return and Possible Departure Of EO






I enjoy Disney World. Duh. You should know that. On my recent trip I seen a favorite childhood attraction of mine: Captain Eo. Brought back after the death of the King of Pop(:() the 3D movie is seen as a dated letdown by most Disney elitists nowadays. The Imagination Pavilion (Where EO is located) is being closed down for construction in January. I’m not quite sure what will happen to Captain EO once this construction is completed. I assume it will be removed for another attraction. It’s been over 4 years since MJ has passed afterall. But regardless October 22nd, 2013 might have just been the last time I saw something so nostalgic to me. I made this poster for fun since development time has been on the SLOW side lately. The characters on the poster are also hand vectored btw. No lazy filtering here. I also color swapped one. Which do you prefer?

captaineo captaineo2

I’ve embedded the full movie below if anyone is interested in seeing the actual film. A fair warning…it’s oddly paced, very corny, and quite dated. But one thing that made me happy was walking out of the movie and hearing children behind me raving about it. That was cool to hear 🙂



Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow

It’s been quite some time since I’ve added some artwork here.

I’ve decided that I’m going back to Disney World this October. That being said, I can’t get my mind off it. Disney world has always been the ultimate escape for me. A truly magical place that is like no other.

EPCOT, one of the 4 parks WDW offers, has grown on me immensely in my adult years. It’s a park full of culture, technology, and education. Because of that…it’s a park many children refer to as “boring”. But when you grow to appreciate it…it becomes a place that gives you just as much excitement as any other park.

I made this poster in the style of a retro 80’s type…uh…poster. The park opened in 1982…and I would always joke that EPCOT was “The future…if it were 1982.”

Took my awhile to get those creases/scratches looking decent. I’ve been in a space mood as of late. My new comic strip should be up late this week! Excelsior!