The Sleeping Death on Moonrock 7-E

Time Spent: 4.5 hours.

Microns. Watercolor. Photoshop. 11×11.

RIP Intergalactic Battle Frog.




Time Spent: About 4 hours. 

I’m rarely ever happy with how my stuff comes out. So much so that I don’t even refer to it as “art”. See my first sentence? I called it “stuff”.  Though once in a while I’ll look back to see my progress when it comes to my lines, color, composition etc. If you head over to my instagram you’ll see the difference from a similar Wolverine drawing I did in 2012. Is it worth the 6 years of progress? Maybe. But I’m happy with the progress I’ve made. I turned to my favorite Spider-man artist, John Romita Sr., to mimic his colors. Spidey will always be my guy.

Sketch Dump: The Ghost Rider!


How I picutre what I’m going to draw in my head always turns out very different on paper. But, none the less, I’m happy with how this turned out.  Ghost Rider is one of my favorite comic book characters.