Sketch Dump: Dracula


Wanted to do another cross hatching style drawing. When looking for nice crisp pictures of Lugosi as Dracula for reference there isn’t too much of a variety. The same ones are always done. So I found some rarer images and frankenstein’d (HA) together a “new” image to use as reference. And this was the result.


A Symbol Of Greatness

The Prince of Darkness!

Dracula’s called the “Prince of Darkness” sometimes, right? I know The Undertaker is called the “Lord of Darkness”. Anyway…painted this up…didn’t take me very long. Maybe 4 or 5 hours? Not too bad. Or maybe that is I’m not sure.


It’s pretty crazy how classic monsters get so little attention lately (by “lately” I mean the last 15 years or so). When I post classic monster art like this on here or deviantart it’s surprising how little traffic it brings in. But if I do a Batman or Star Wars piece I get large responses. It sucks because in all honesty I love creating art on monster the most. But I’m not in it for views.

I frequent the nearly every day and the members on there too realize that the classic monster craze just doesn’t appeal to as many as it used to in this age.

I was reading Scary Monsters Magazine a few weeks back and in one of the articles the writer stated how the “monster scene” has since died down aggressively since he was a kid. He continued how he remembered a trip he and his wife took to Universal Studios back in 1998. He stated how when he went into the shops looking for Universal Monster merchandise and came out empty handed, managers just told him “Monsters don’t sell.”

Ouch. Right in the ‘ol gushy monster heart.



Sketch Dump: Abraham Van Helsing

I had this idea a couple years back reintroducing myself to some Hammer Horror films and Peter Cushing as Abraham Van Helsing. He’s a character that not really explored as much as you’d think for someone who makes as many appearances in monster movies as the monsters themselves. I thought it be cool to have an animated series about the adventures of Abraham Van Helsing. It would be like Indiana Jones meets classic horror. It could take place at various stages of is life…basically how he became introduced to all these monsters and how this led him to be such a legendary expert on monster slaying. Anyway…just wanted to update the site with a little something. Sketched Van Helsing in ten minutes or so.get-attachment