Say Cheese!


Only took a few hours. It’s always fun to turn cute into creepy.

Spending a week at the “Happiest Place On Earth” (though the screaming children would make you think otherwise) always inspires creativity. There’s a lot of detailed linework I put into this one, but I doubt you can really notice from the image presented. But you can always buy it and see for yourself. Think of owning it as being part of the Mickey Mouse club except, you know, for weirdos.

Stamp of Greatness


I Don’t Know Either…

I did this today in my free time. Took a while. That death Mickey is hand freakin’ drawn. I don’t know what I’m going for with this. Just something creepy. I don’t know. I like drawing skulls on cute cartoon characters now.



But, yeah, that was a hell of a lot of texturing and overlaying. Anyway, going to ink the next pages of my comic. Hopefully I can start posting pages by late next week. Aw, yeah! Because the week after I’ll be in Vegas on Dobis.