Rest In Peace


Well, it seems as if the legend of The Undertaker has finally come to a close at Sunday’s Wrestlemania 33. Though it’s sad to see him walk into the fog entrenched moonlight, I feel it’s time for the man to truly rest in peace (ha.) and enjoy his personal life.

He’ll always be professional wrestling’s greatest character and Vince Mcmahon’s greatest creation. And he’ll always be my favorite of all time. I was extremely lucky to meet him when I was a kid and I even got to witness his jaw dropping entrance one last time in person last month. Couldn’t be happier as an Undertaker fan.

So here’s my ‘lil tribute drawing to the Deadman, the Phenom, the demon of Death Valley : The Undertaker.

Prints Available 😉

Stamp of Greatness


The Yes Movement

Comin’ to y’all with some prowrestling artwork. You figured there’d be more since I’m such a huge fan and always draw ripped dudes in tights, right?

Anyway I based this picture off of CM Punk’s “Second City Saint” design that debuted at Wrestlemania 29. Of course now it’s a spin with Daniel Bryan.

Ah, yes, Daniel Bryan. Now exclusively the only good thing in wrestling since CM Punk walked away.


I’ve been a prowrestling fan well over 16 years. It lost some of my attention and became background noise from 2006-2009 or so but I still was a fan. But with the recent mind boggling booking, lackluster writing, and downright disregard for what their “universe” wants…I’m losing interest again. But this time I don’t want to. I’m giving WWE to Wrestlemania 30 to make me give a damn. You can sign Hogan and Sting. You could launch a streaming video network. You can shove Batista down our throats. That’s nice and all. But we all just want one thing: Give Bryan the title.