Night Bumps No. 57


It’s a pro wrestling reference…sorry.



Empress of Tomorrow


Here’s something rare from me: Prowrestling fan art.  I did a watercolor drawing of my favorite female wrestler: NXT’s Asuka. Had fun doing this and a great way to kick off my weekend.


Kick it indeed.

A Symbol Of Greatness

Sabu T-Shirt Designs

I got notice today that former ECW, WWE, WCW pro wrestler Sabu is holding a contest to design his new T-shirt. Sabu being one of my favorites I jumped on the contest. Who knows if I’ll win but it’d be awesome to see Sabu wearing a shirt I designed to the ring and for it to be on sale through (I’m also trying to get a job there).

sabushirtlayoutchrispiszczek sabushirtlayoutchrispiszczek2 sabushirtlayoutchrispiszczek3Regards.