Sketch Dump: Dare To Punish

Did some pose sketches this morning which turned into Daredevil and Punisher. These two pretty much ruled my imagination from junior high to high school. I saw that trailer for Daredevil Season 2 yesterday and, boy howdy, it looks amazing.


The new Daredevil series, though only 3 issues in, is fantastic as well. I love his new costume and the artwork. They made Daredevil serious, violent, and bleak again (not that there was anything wrong with a happier Daredevil roaming San Fransisco).


Sketch Dump: Fat Stumpy Quesada Inspired Daredevil

You know who I never draw despite him being my favorite superhero? Why the ‘ol man without fear himself: Daredevil! Joe Quesada wrote an awesome arc titled “Father”. He also drew which was great…although his Daredevil always looked a bit blocky and stubby. More like Frankenstein than a master boxer and gymnast. But I still enjoy that style…so I drew Daredevil proportionally like him.

I didn’t say it was good. But hey, I like Daredevil.


Look at that huge head, fat shoulders, stubby legs! He’s horrifying! I hate it…but I always post what I got.