Can Spider-man Come Out To Play?

I can’t believe Sam Raimi’s Spider-man film is over 14 years old. That’s older than Tim Burton’s Batman when Spider-man was originally released (2002)! Where does the time go?


I really enjoyed drawing my Darth Vader/Kylo Ren composition so I figured I might do a series of similar art. I entered this into a superhero New York themed art contest as well. I was all about this movie in junior high. I think I have such fond nostalgic memories of it because it came out at I time where I was transitioning from a kid into a goofy hideous adolescent.

Also William Dafoe as the Green Goblin is super underrated as far as superhero villains go. He made it work. Power Ranger outfit and all.


Sketch Dump: Ol’ Webhead

You know who I haven’t drawn in a while? Spider-man.

In grade school Spidey had to be one of my idols (fitting somewhere between The Undertaker and Bart Simpson.)

So today I drew some good old fashioned comic style work.  I’m getting better at that patented comic style shadows but I’m not quite there.


EDIT: Holy cow about an hour after I posted this the new Civil War trailer was released revealing Spider-man new look. He looks AMAZING (ha). Those eyes are what I’ve always wanted.


Until next time!