Sketch Dump: Ol’ Webhead

You know who I haven’t drawn in a while? Spider-man.

In grade school Spidey had to be one of my idols (fitting somewhere between The Undertaker and Bart Simpson.)

So today I drew some good old fashioned comic style work.  I’m getting better at that patented comic style shadows but I’m not quite there.


EDIT: Holy cow about an hour after I posted this the new Civil War trailer was released revealing Spider-man new look. He looks AMAZING (ha). Those eyes are what I’ve always wanted.


Until next time!



One Reply to “Sketch Dump: Ol’ Webhead”

  1. Sketch DUMP? Well, when your idols are the Undertaker of WWF and Bart Simpson, I guess…

    This is a quality piece of Spider-Man you made. Respect it.

    I wasn’t a huge Spider-Man fan until the 90s cartoons, sadly. It took turning him into a He-Man wannabe to get my attention. I think it was actually Black Cat/Felicia that drew me in. 🙂 I’ve liked and longed to see more of Black Cat since I played that old arcade game briefly, years ago. Yet, I remember watching the old 60s/70s Spider-Man cartoons along with Tom and Jerry…and the 80s Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends (of which I had a HUUUGE crush on Firestar). But, Spidey’s costume kept turning me off. I guess, as an artist, I hated the thought of trying to draw all those web lines. The symbiote costume makes the most sense. [Though, I like the nanobot concept from Spider-Man 2099 and a not-too-distant version of Iron Man’s armor.]

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