Most Ghost No. 55


This panel marks the finale of my MOST GHOST Sunday Comic Series! In March of 2020 I decided to continue my comic strip challenge I started in 2018 with Night Bumps: to share a new strip every Sunday for 1 year. I posted the first on March 22nd, 2020 and 55 Most Ghost strips later here we are!

I hope you got a chuckle from time to time out of MOST GHOST. It was meant to be an irreverent and often stupid comic presented simply in a single box panel. This was a goal that I wanted to continue to achieve and I appreciate anyone who gave MOST GHOST even their briefest of times.

MOST GHOST will always be linked on the site if you ever want to catch up or revisit. He may not be haunting his usual Sunday mornings but rest assured when it comes to Most Ghost this isn’t goodbye per-say…as he’s proven he’ll never simply rest in peace.