Guide To Your Halfshell Hero

Time spent: Around 6 hours. But I can spend all day with the Ninja Turtles.

Took an idea I had of a Mega Man Blueprint piece I sold a couple years back and applied it to my favorite sewer dwelling teenage pizza eaters. You can now get a print of this at my store! If I ever have the energy (or time most likely) I’d love to do this for each brother! And judging from my last 3 pieces “puke green” as a background is a trend.

Stamp of Greatness


Hey Dude, This Is No Cartoon!


Time Spent: About 7 hours.

Wanted to created something very “illustratey” to show my love for one of my favorite films: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1990). This took a lot of hand drawing but I’m pleased with the result. I’m submitting this to various places so throw me a “cowabunga” for luck sometime.

Stamp of Greatness

Friggen Ninja Turtle Mud Fight!

I really wanted to draw a Ninja Turtle breaking someone’s nose. In this case it the mutant warthog Bebop. I was inspired the that mud fight scene in “Dark Knight Returns” when Batman fights the mutant leader. So cool. it be.