Monthly Mutagen Podcast (PILOT)

In March 2020, was looking to expand its media beyond articles and giveaways. One of the ideas thrown out was a podcast.

Seeing as I was the only one that had a background in podcasting, I made a “pilot” episode based on the crew’s suggestions. This podcast, “The Monthly Mutagen“, is all on me…from the name and logo…to the format, editing, coverage, and voice.

The response was shockingly positive. But others wanted a live/streaming direction (which I was uncomfortable with) and the crew proposed a new episode weekly. No one understood the work and structure going into creating something even as silly and trivial as this.

Then the pandemic hit and we all locked ourselves into our assigned sewers.

I came across the file earlier today and figured it might as well see the light of day since I had fun doing it. Anyway, Shellheads, enjoy (probably the only) episode of The Monthly Mutagen!

You can download this episode by right clicking here.


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