Sketch Dump: Cool But Crude

“Hey, look! It’s Raph!”  “A little too Raph.”

I can quote obscure Ninja Turtle movie quotes for days (in reality probably dozens of minutes).



4 Replies to “Sketch Dump: Cool But Crude”

  1. Can you recall–no cheating by looking it up–the tongue twister Mikey says in the episode where April gets turned into a cat-woman? He ends it by pointing at the viewers and saying, “Try saying that five times fast.”

    I recall another Mikey quote: “I crave pizza no more.”

    Nice Raph drawing. How did you get the paper effect? Did you give the logo a fade/transparency of some degree to make it fit right in?

    I haven’t properly drawn the Turtles in over a decade.

    1. I cannot recall! I must admit I quote the first 3 films more then the cartoons nowadays. And thank you for liking the drawing. The gritty paper effect is just a flat texture with a low opacity overlay. Same goes for the logo. Thanks for stopping by!

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