Stewardess Gal

I’m going to be on a plane in less than 24 hours and I drew this stewardess as a possible symbol for a game. How fitting! Doubt it’ll be used (she’s been deemed “too sexy”) so I figured I’d post some work that will never see the light of day!



I’m off to Disney World.



A Luchadore Battling a Wolfman and Swamp Monster

Pretty self explanatory. I’m trying to find unique ways of coloring instead of just coloring and shading the way things are supposed to look according to style. I thought wouldn’t it be cool if a Mexican wrestler went around and wrestled monsters in his spare time? Didn’t turn out quite the way I wanted it to. I have been drawing more for the exercise rather then creating strong work lately. And that’s okay…as long as it leads up to something strong. I know this whole “dirty scratched and rusted” look is my style but I’m wondering if I should drop it for a bit. I use it because I don’t find my line work very clean and I think it adds to my drawings. We shall see.





Getting in the Halloween mood and drew Frankenstein’s monster this morning. Dr. Frankenstein creates life and ponders if that makes him a god. His monster would therefore be the son of god. So, yeah, Jesus+Frankenstein=This. I also consider Frankenstein’s monster the god of all monsters. SO MUCH SYMBOLISM.

Not really though. Just think it’s fun.


I also submitted this flat print to where it will be voted on and possibly printed.

Figured it would look good printed on a nice kelly green shirt.

If it gets accepted please help me out and vote. You don’t have to register or anything. I’ll update with a link soon. With the Halloween season upon us I hope this makes way.