Today I made a Sub-Zero in the same style I made my Scorpion art I posted last week.

Subzero copy

scorpcgfion copy




“Make YOUR Man Mega!”

Last one I SWEAR.

The one I had most fun with: I made a mock up blue print for Mega Man.

MegaManTextured copy

We’ll see the reaction ‘ol Megaman gets since he didn’t seem to have fans at the last show…which was surprising. Or maybe my art just sucked? Anyway…getting all 3 of these printed and framed. Now that’s done I can move on to do…more video game art work. Huh.



“Get Over Here!”

Can you believe Mortal Kombat X is coming out? X! As in 10! I remember when parents where losing their collective shit over Mortal Kombat 1.

Anyway…piece number 2 for an upcoming art show: Scorpion!

scorpion copy

I did him in the style I made my Boba Fett shirt for WeLoveFine’s Star Wars contest. Turned out alright.