Donkey Kong!

Just something simple I did at work during some down time. Hand drawn and scanned into Photoshop. DKFinal

This game hit arcades in 1981 and is still one of the best. Did you know in Donkey Kong Country for SNES the character “Cranky Kong” is actually the original Donkey Kong and you play as Donkey Kong Jr. grown up?





3 Replies to “Donkey Kong!”

  1. it still amazes me that your art is amazing BUT Art Buttazar has an eisner for being gay…

  2. I think the key here is to be better, not bitter. And by better, I mean better than your past self. That’s really the only person you’re in competition with. Comparing your work to someone else’s is for other people to do.

    But as far as this piece goes: very well done. Your art keeps maturing and growing, keep it up!

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