Heartbreak Hotel

I entered a contest to simply celebrate the legacy of Elvis Presley. Rules are simple: Create an illustration based on one of his songs and use his name and NOT his likeness.

Anyway, I chose “Heartbreak Hotel” because that was a song that really got me into Elvis. Mostly because The Rock would sing a version titled “Smackdown Hotel”.  I went simple. Mostly everyone knows this song. So why not just included a hotel and a broken heart?

Took me a couple hours in Photoshop and I’m finally finding my style. Will it win? Doubt it. But I don’t care. I made something I’m proud of.


And, by the way, here’s that Rock clip I mentioned:





One Reply to “Heartbreak Hotel”

  1. Simple and elegant, I love it. This is totally something you should be proud of, don’t doubt yourself for the contest! Also, that clip was fantastic.

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